An open letter to Carlos Cisneros

Dear Relatives, Friends and Lovers of NM History and Culture:

I wish to request your help in “moving the action” for the film documentary about Padre Martinez (1793-1867).

Attached is a PRESS RELEASE about a film documentary that both Senator Carlos Cisneros and Representative Roberto “Bobby” Gonzales have proposed to each House of the NM legislature. It will provide funding for a film documentary on Padre Martinez tentatively entitled THE DAWNING OF LIBERTY. Voting will take place soon. For more information on me, and the film project, please check

Paul Espinosa of Espinosa Productions , has done preliminary work on the film, but much more is needed for a high quality production.

I would appreciate it very much if you would please write a letter (email) to Senator Cisneros as soon as possible with a copy to Representative Roberto “Bobby” Gonzles. Thank them both, and let them know that you support what they are doing, and that you are interested in the progress of this project.

Sincerely yours,
Fr. Juan
Rev. Juan Romero, Vice President
La Fundación Presbítero Don Antonio José Martínez

P.S. Here is a DRAFT that you may edit in any way to suit you.


Dear Senator Cisneros:

I wish to advise you of my support and gratitude to you and Representative Gonzales for proposing funding for the Padre Martinez film documentary through your respective bills (SB 266 and HB 370). I am convinced the film will greatly help every child and many adults in NM and beyond more deeply appreciate the history and culture of our Land of Enchantment.

Yours truly,



One Response to “An open letter to Carlos Cisneros”

  1. Stephen J. Miller Says:

    I’m I believe I’m a descendent of the Padre Martinez, via his brother, Santiago. As you no doubt no, Santiago lead the John Rowland and William Workman party to Southern California, ending up on Rancho La Puente.
    My Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandfather, G.G. Grandfather, then Santiago. There is a plaque in the little town of Walnut, California, located where his Rancho stood, now an elementary School.

    I have been working on my family tree for about 7 years and I just recently found a cousin that brought it all together for me. As it turns out, my G.G. grandfather Was related to John Rowland’s wife ( Encarnación Martinez ) and his wife was a daughter to Julian A. Chavez, one of the first Vice Mayors of Los Angeles.

    I know this posting is old and I’m getting off track here, but what I wanted to say was, how much I appreciate the work you and others are doing and If it weren’t for people like you, our History would be lost. I’m Proud of my Heritage and the Trials that my Ancestor’s overcame.

    It occurred to me just the other day that, I am most likely one of just a few of the remaining people that saw this part of Los Angeles county, as it was, by the time I was born in 1942.

    I would also like to mention, in part of my career as a Bus Drive for Trailways bus system, stationed out of Albuquerque N.M., during the late 70’s & early 80’s I was in and out of the town of Taos, Santa Fe and all points in between, many, many times and had I only known, I most likely would still be in N.M.

    Thank You for your time.


    Stephen J. Miller

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