Reburial of Padre Martinez

Padre Martínez died on July 27, 1867. According to burial records he was buried in his oratorio as he requested in his last will and testament. The burial ceremony held on July 29, 1867 was officiated by Mariano de Jesús Lucero, his student, friend, and fellow excommunicated priest from Arroyo Hondo. For many years, historians and Padre Martínez scholars have wondered about how the remains of Padre Martínez ended up at the Kit Carson Cemetery. The details of the reburial were reported in the June 25, 1891 edition of El Monitor, an early Taos newspaper, which has recently come to light thanks to Fr. Tom Steele, S.J. Read more….

The Progeny of Padre Martinez of Taos, Part 1

Progeny has always been a controversial issue with respect to Padre Martínez because of the moral issues it raises with regard to the priesthood and vows of celibacy. The issue of progeny was first discussed publicly by Dora Ortiz y Vásquez in her memoir, Enchanted Temples of Taos (1975), with regard to her grandfather, George Antonio Romero, the first-born son of María Teodora Romero and Padre Martínez. In his comprehensive and well documented biography of Padre Martínez, BUT TIME AND CHANCE:The Story of Padre Martínez of Taos, 1793-1867, (1981) Fray Angelico Chávez, researched the baptismal registries of the Archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, and began the process of identifying the progeny of Padre Martinez and addressed some of the moral and religious implications. Based on these initial studies, Vicente M. Martínez, in an article, The Progeny of Padre Martínez, published in the New Mexico Genealogist Journal (June 2007) further scrutinized and expanded the data presented by both Vásquez and Chávez, and made some interesting discoveries. Read more…

Postscript to The Progeny of Padre Martinez of Taos, Part 2

Postscript to the Progeny examines new data on the identity of Santiago Valdez the putative son of Padre Martínez refuting the theory proposed by Fray Chávez in


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  1. Laura H. Davis Says:

    As a descendent of Antonio Jose Martinez,, and a proud viewer of the bronze statue unveiling of this man, I am signing in. Most of the people attending this event were descendents of Santaigo Valdez, and therefore my cousins. My Mother knew her great grandmother, daughter of Maria Teodora Romero, and was very proud to be a descendent. Her father’s , her grandfather’s, and her great uncles land came directly from Severino Martin’s many land grants. In fact, Padre Martinez brother was also my Mother’s gggrandfather, as family like d to keep the land within its family members. Sincerely, LD

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