Other events during the dedication

Corina Santistevan and the Taos County Historical Society of Taos presented A SERIES OF IMAGES of Padre Martinez at the Taos Court House. The images included the 1938 woodcut by the late Helen Blumenshein, the Leroy Martinez drawing of 2004, a painting of the Padre that the Catholic Extension Society based in Chicago commissioned to be “poster boy” for its February 1976 calendar, and the Reluctant Dawn cover painting by the late Cynthia Bissell–a Taos artist.

-Open House at Martinez “Hacienda” where Antonio Jose Martinez spent his boyhood with his parents and five younger siblings after moving from Abiquiu in 1803-1804 to the area of Lower Ranchitos.

-Award winning filmmaker Paul Espinosa showed an enhanced version of his documentary film trailer on Padre Martinez. The showing took place at the Taos Historical Society gathering space next to the Hall of Murals and Taos Historical Museums. The film on the life and times of Padre Antonio Jose Martinez is an enhanced version lasting a little over a quarter of an hour. It is tentatively bilingually called “CURA DE TAOS Y HONRA DE SU PAIS/The Priest of Taos and Honor of His Homeland.”


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